If you’re looking for a world-class experience close to Auckland, look no further than Waiheke Wine Tours.

Located in the Hauraki Gulf, just a short 40-minute ferry ride from Auckland, Waiheke boasts a climate ideal for viticulture. Waiheke wine tours are one of the top attractions for visitors. With more than 20 vineyards to choose from across the island, there really is something for everyone.

New Zealand is relatively new to the world of viticulture but true to our nature, New Zealand’s wine-makers have produced world-class products. Staff at the range Waiheke vineyards are a wealth of knowledge, explaining every flavour as you go through the experience. From more well-known wines like Merlot, SauvignonBlanc and Chardonnay to more obscure blends, the tours will open your mind to a world beyond ‘white’ or ‘red’.

Looking at Waiheke Island on a map, it would be easy to overlook the sheer size of the island. Waiheke is an expanse of steep hills, providing beautiful views but not so great for walking! In fact to walk across the whole island would take an entire day, one that would be best spent sampling wines. Which is where we come in!

The aptly named Waiheke Wine Tours provide custom tours to suit any budget, event or occasion. Whether you are just a couple, a few close friends or a party of 12- we can provide a Waiheke wine tour that meets your requirements.

Our Top Five Reasons to use Waiheke Wine Tours:


Tour in comfort, our vans are modern, air-conditioned and even have leather seats. No more windswept hair from having to wind down every window in sight!


Bring your own music and link up to our Bluetooth- compatible stereos. Or we have it on good knowledge that both our drivers, Eric and Maurice make fantastic DJs!

Local Knowledge

If it’s local history you’re after, our drivers can tell you as little or as much about the island as you need to know. What they don’t know they’ll go out of their way to find out!

We love wine!

There would be no point going to a Waiheke wine tour with someone who would may have rather put his feet up with a stubbie. Our drivers love wine, and know the different vineyards inside and out!

No more maps

You can never underestimate the number of marriages that fall apart from bad navigators. The phone signal in parts of the island is not great, so you will need to use the old fashioned paper map. Save your marriage, book Waiheke Wine Tours!


Do I need to book?

The majority of the vineyards have their cellar door open year-round. However, you’ll find that the most popular vineyards require you to book in advance. We can sort all that out for you at Waiheke Wine Tours.

Who lives on the island?

Those who are local to Waiheke will know that the island was once a haven for the artistic-type, those who were self-employed or could make a living from home. More recently the culture has diversified with an increasing amount of city-dwellers choosing to commute to Auckland daily from their idyllic paradise.

What if I don’t like wine?

There are a range of other tasting tours on Waiheke, from craft beer to gin or degustation tours. Talk to us about providing a custom tour.

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