The Botanical Distillery’s most popular event, the Gin and Tonic Experience will see you create heavenly scented botanical gins to celebrate your special day or bring your team together for a day of fun-filled competition.

We will start by introducing you to 10 botanical ingredients used in a classic gin. We will take you through their history and what they add to the flavour. You will taste, chew, crunch and smell your way through a very hands-on experience.

Then you will discover the wildcard ingredients – something unique, unusual and unexpected to try. These will give your gin a unique flavour and will help you create a distinctive product that’s just for you and your group.

We will task you to create our classic London dry gin following our recipe and under our guidance. Then, you can express your style and create your own gin using our Gin Essence Library.


$55pp added into tour price TBA a minimm of 10 people is needed to do this experience.


This tour is combined with my other tours, so you can mix and match this tour eg:



Craft beer/Gin/Wine

Craft beer/Gin/Craft beer

We can also add in Cocktail Classes a great way to Team Build, with lunch or dinner included.

However you want to build your tour call me and I can give you a price.


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