Waiheke Island  is a great island to do a Auckland Wine Tour it has over 20 Vineyards for wine tasting tours and is truly the place to be if you are in love with boutique wines, gourmet food and stunning Vineyards with panoramic views of Auckland City. You will catch the 10 am ferry over and we will pick you up at 1040 ready for your first tasting at 11 am.

This tour will include x 3 vineyards that we visit with tastings included, we will also do a stop for lunch if you wish and lunch is at your own cost we will choose somewhere gorgeous for you but set around your budget.

The Vineyards we use for this tour are as follows and all depending on availability for the day.


Peacock Sky, Thomas Batch, Kennedy Point, Mudbrick, Cable Bay, Tantalus Estate, Wild on Waiheke, Casita Miro, Awaroa, Stonyridge


The price is reflective of how many passengers you have for the tour. $600 for under x 4 pax or $140pp if over 4 passengers


Te Motu, Stonyridge, Wild on Waiheke, Peacock Sky, Thomas Batch lunch, Kennedy point, Cable Bay, Mudbrick, Obsidian, Awaroa 


I can add in a craft beer stop also for an extra $20 and Gin Tasting Experience for over 10 pax at $55 pp and add in a platter or high for lunch too at $45pp


Thanks for supporting LOCAL TOURISM ;)

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