If you would like me to design a tour specific to your times, needs, likes, number of passengers, and dietry requirements. Just email me or call me or chat online and I can do something fabulous just for you. We can do a range of these things:


Wine Tasting

Craft Beer Tasting

Gin Tasting

Honey tour and tasting

Olive Tour and tasting

Fabulous Lunches

Beach Walk

Picnic Lunch

Sight Seeing



Eco Zip

Horse Riding

Roulette at Peacock Sky afternoons

Clay Pidgeon Shooting

Bow and Arrow Shooting



So as you can see their is plenty to do, so lets design a tour specifically for you and your guests so either email me here, or call me.

waihekewinetours@gmail.com or 021438222 +6421438222 I'm on whatsapp if thats helpful

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