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Payment Terms

Your booking is confirmed once a deposit is made. All pricing is quoted in NZ dollars which includes GST All tours under 6 pax must be paid for at the time of booking with Waiheke Wine Tours Ltd. Otherwise you must pay a deposit of $500 and the full hire 2 weeks before your hire date. You can pay online, through PayPal.


If you are cancelling your tour due to Covid19 we will hold your deposit and give you a credit that has a 4 year time limit for you in the form of a  voucher for you. If you absolutely cannot travel again to Auckland we will refund your tour at a date specified to you on cancellation.

If you are unwell you must not take the tour, if you are showing any signs of the flu we will not accept you on a tour, I have a responsibility to keep my drivers and other passengers safe. 

Our tours don’t depend on the Weather and will generally still run, if it is particularly rough we will contact you and arrange another time or refund your money, we will advise before 0800 the morning of the tour. If for any reasons outside our control that we have to cancel your booking you will receive a full refund and we will endeavour to find you another tour.

Private Tours Once your tour is paid for in full it can be re-scheduled to another date to suit you, but if cancelled in we will refund 50% of the full hire this is within 7 days of the hire, however, if it is 48 hours before the hire, we will not refund.

Group tours: Must be paid in full at the time of the hire, and if any of your guests drop out we will only refund 50% of their individual booking cost. If this is within 7 days of the hire, we will not refund the hire and you have the opportunity to replace that person.

Time extensions are at the discretion of the driver due to their NZTA Log Book requirements, and all extra charges must be paid for prior to extension via Cash or Credit Card.

The hirer is responsible for any damage incurred to the van during the hire. WWT LTD will not be held responsible for any damage caused intentionally or otherwise to people or property. The organiser will be held liable to cover any and all additional costs incurred. It is your responsibility who you have on a private tour. Drop-off time means the van must drop you off at your final destination by that time. This can be at the Ferry or another destination, agreed by you and the driver.

If for any reason we are late, we will add the time on the end of your hire. We are not in control of traffic and event delays.

At all times you must obey our rules of no “raunchy” behaviour at the Vineyards and keeping your guests in line, as all of our Vineyards are family orientated and suitable behaviour and indeed attire is required, keep it classy 😉 Remember all the Vineyards are fully licensed venues and NZ law states you cannot be intoxicated on premise at any time or indeed BYO. So keep hydrated along the way and always eat a good lunch, we make our second stop our lunch stop on most of our tours for this very reason. Don’t be offended if you are talked to by our guides and they end the hire due to intoxication or bad behaviour. Food is easily accesable at all times along the way and at the lunch venues, we supply free water in the vehicles for your use also.

NO DRINKING ALCOHOL OR SMOKING ON BOARD. When you buy Wine from the Vineyards this will be stashed away in our storage compartment for taking at the end of the hire. If your wine is damaged that is not our responsibility. If you are likely to buy wine please supply your own carry on and off bag to stow your wine safely.

Hire will be terminated immediately if:

Any willful damage is caused to the van. You will be liable for any damage.
Any verbal, physical abuse or threatening behavior is displayed to the driver on board. By anyone!
Or if anyone urinates in public or in the van.
Customers are intoxicated

There will be a clean up fee if one of your group vomits.

* It is not our responsibility for any wines you are not fond of, we simply take you to the vineyards and they offer the tastings you will not be refunded for wine you simply don’t like.

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